Using Steam Safely

June 21, 2017

steam.pngSteam has been used for centuries in both industry and households, but when misused, it can be deadly. When it comes to steam, safety should be the number one priority.

Steam has been a catalyst for the growth and development of civilizations around the globe and is very important to many industries. Large ocean-going vessels use it for propulsion, for lifting heavy objects to construct the ships and use it to drive pilings for building docks. Factories use it to process foods, clean workstations, heat buildings, supply hot water and a myriad of other purposes.

While playing an essential part in the advancement of civilizations steam can also be a double-edged sword.

It is a compressible product that, when suddenly released, does so in an explosive, and often destructive, manner. It is also extremely hot! Steam at 250 PSI is 406°F (208°C).

Any process involving steam in the workplace has the potential for danger. Anyone working with or around steam should have proper safety gear, adequate training and the correct products to perform the task. Quality hose manufacturers are very specific about the products they recommend for steam service.

Many industrial accidents involving steam are a direct result of using incorrect hose or couplings that were not intended for steam service. When an improper steam assembly fails, and it will fail, anyone or anything within its scope can be seriously injured or killed. 

For safety’s sake, only use quality hose and couplings that are designed and recommended for the intended product and application.

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