Dangers of Dust in a Sugar Refinery

Saving Money By Altering Fittings Can Be Costly

Do Loading Arms Improve Safety

Using the Right Connection in Food and Beverage Industries

Clearing the Clog - A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

Selling with Pride on US Manufacturing Day

Make Sure Products are Compatible Before Using In Service

Safety Devices - Working For You, Not Against You

2018 Dixon Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Summit

There Are No Shortcuts to Safety: Always Follow the Manufacturer's Warnings

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Selecting Proper Hoses and Couplings: An Air Hose Case Study

3 Quick Tips for Crimping Hose Assemblies

Shale Production is Expected to Reach a Record-High This Year in the U.S.

Cryogenic Product Design Challenges

Confronting Cryogenic Challenges in the Field Leads to New Solutions

Cryogenic Products and Systems: R&D Testing and Repair

Safe and Unsafe Quick Disconnect Coupling Practices

Solutions to Prevent Inadvertent Chemical Mixing Incidents

The Importance of Pressure Tested Assembly Ratings

Maintain Your Hydraulic System Quickly: The O-Ring Solution

What is Fracking? An Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing

How to Save Money by Making Steel Mill Furnace Hose Assemblies Last 

A Simple Solution for Changing Hydraulic Attachments

Next Up for LNG: Trucks, Trains and More

Reflections and Resolutions for a New Year

LNG - Precision Manufacturing to Meet Safety Needs

Is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Safe?

NOx and SOx – What’s it all about?

Introduction to the Whitepaper Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): The Fuel of the Future for Shipping and Transport

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Transfer and Bunkering Methods

The Dairy Industry and Food Safety: Innovating to Set the Standard in Hygiene Equipment

Made in the USA

Scheduled Maintenance on Industrial Hose Assemblies Saves Money

To DIY or Not? When to Call an Expert Instead of Doing It Yourself

How to Avoid Costly Spills When Disconnecting

3 Reasons to Use Dixon 1-Piece Flange Adapters

Pump Cavitation Got You Down?

Using Steam Safely

Common Fluid Transfer Problems and How to Solve Them

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